Olivari, N.

Endocrine Ophthalmopathy, Surgical Treatment

EUR 89,00 (inkl. MwSt.)

  • 2001, 124 pages, 250 figures, Hardcover, Video
  • ISBN 978-3-922777-35-9
  • Autor: Olivari, N.

The method described by Neven Olivari, and so beautifully presented in this book, is logical. Unfortunately, when it is presented or demonstrated by Neven Olivari, it seems simple to execute. However, at that point we are watching or listening to a master surgeon with a huge amount of experience in all aspects of plastic surgery but particularly in the orbit, demonstrating a technique which he has pioneered and developed over many years. To many, the method and its execution has been something of a mystery. All has now been revealed in this very clear and well produced treatise. This is undoubtedly a giant step forward in the treatment of this condition which affects so many of our patients.

From the Foreword by Ian T. Jackson